Nakayama Foods commits to bringing the best quality products to customers with reasonably price.

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Green Tea

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Salmon Nakayama

The Norwegian Salmon from Nakayama Foods always guarantees its freshness and the highest quality. They are being imported directly from the best suppliers such as Leroy, Salmar.etc

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About company

Nakayama Foods was established in 2014, based on our passion to deliver the highest quality food ingredients from well-known suppliers and manufacturers of the world to consumers in Vietnam. The establishment of Nakayama Foods came as a strategic cooperation between Okamura Co.,Ltd and Trung Son Corp. This cooperation gave us both the Japanese food distribution service and knowledge of the Vietnamese local market. With a history of 20+ years in processing and exporting seafood, not only do we have strong relationship with our suppliers, but also expertise in choosing the best source of ingredients for our customers.


We supply various kinds of food products, from frozen to fresh seafood, vegetables, seaweed, sauces, vinegar and beverages from Japan and all over the world.

  • Our product Fresh and frozen

    Our seafood is imported directly from reputable suppliers from Japan and the world. We have fresh fishes from Japan and Norway, such as salmon, palegic and white fishes from Norway; tuna from Indonesia.

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  • Our product Vegetables

    All of our vegetables are certified to be safe for consumption. Our main vegetables include green soybean, Edamame, from Indonesia.

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  • Our product Beverages

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  • Our product Sauces and condiments

    With our unique production line, Nakayama Foods can develop, produce and supply sauces, that are tailored to our customers' needs and are suitable to Vietnamese customers' taste.

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Latest News

  • What should you know about edamame?

    If you are looking for a healthy snack for your diet, Edamame can be an excellent option. Not only does it taste delicious, but also, Edamame is packed with nutritions and very high in fiber.

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  • Health Benefits of Salmon

    The health benefits of salmon include proper cardiovascular health, correct muscle and tissue development, boosted eye health, and efficient body metabolism.

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  • Grilled Salmon Recipe

    "A simple soy sauce and brown sugar marinade, with hints of lemon and garlic, are the perfect salty-sweet complement to rich salmon fillets. Even my 9 year old loves this recipe!"

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